Haveitall.com features in Every Chance by Lucy Buckley.
Although Haveitall.com is owned by Leo Sanderson and Mark Fraser, the Haveitall.com brand name was originally proposed by Kate and Jess...

Every Chance

Brutal betrayal. Ambitious dreams. One perfect plan.

One month after her wedding Kate's honeymoon is well and truly over.

Jolted into recognising how close she came to losing her chance on the wrong dream, Kate is about to get the greatest revenge of all.

With her husband gone, Kate begins to rebuild her life alone. Her neglected career is the perfect distraction and, spurred on by best friend Jess, it could lead to spectacular results. If only her boss wasn't intent on complicating things.

Self-made millionaire Mark is determined to repeat his business success. Only this time he wants more. Much, much more.

Again in partnership with the renowned Leo Sanderson, Mark is seeking the next big opportunity. Faced with opposing ambitions Mark's choices are limited and a clash of egos could be all it takes to jeopardise future success.